About Us

Marisha Mazurek



Marisha completed her Bachelor of Commerce Degree (specialization in accounting) at the Canada Revenue Agency as a tax auditor conducting both personal, corporate and HST audits. She then completed her Certified Management Accountant Designation and moved into the private sector to gain further experience in financial analysis, pricing and strategy. She has been in business for 5 years, and continues to work with local businesses in the GTA. 

Stephen Mazurek



Stephen has successfully owned and operated a commercial and retail bakery for 33 years with locations throughout Eastern Ontario. His strong entrepreneurial skills, knowledge of business finance and regulatory compliance will make your taxes painless. This is his 6th year operating the business, servicing around 300 clients in the area. He previously worked with Gary Green. Owning a business is demanding; let Stephen share his reasons for success and utilize his expertise in your business.